Roko 20

Something extraordinary!

ROKO 20 Academy is a small school that provides hope and happiness for orphans and disadvantaged children in the rural village of Kambirwa, Kenya.  They ensure free education, clothes, food and basic healthcare for all of these children and those caring for them.

The school has grown over the years since it was opened and they are proud of their six classrooms, a library, computer room, a garden where they grow fruit and veg for the school and there are even rabbits, hens, goats and a friendly dog called Paco.

Given the difficult circumstances these children have found themselves in ROKO 20 provides a happy safe space for them to learn and grow.  Very often their grandmothers are raising them with very little help or means and so the skills the school teach the children in particular things such as gardening, needlework, looking after animals and carpentry – are skills of self-sufficiency which will be of much use to them outside of school and later in life.

The good work the school does extends far further into the community bringing Grandparents and carers together for craft mornings, social gatherings and an initiative which see’s families gifted with an animal to rear and reap the benefits of its produce.  By all accounts ROKO 20 is a real centre of a community and having Harvey Road Primary School support them through our sponsorship event brings smiles to all our faces too.  Good luck on the 21st with Steve!

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