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Thank you! You’ve been amazing.

2020 has been a testing year for many of us, and no one’s hardships outweigh anyone else’s. However, through the home workouts, takeaways, DIY, and baked goods, there has been a driving force keeping the nation going. We’re not talking about NHS workers – though they have been incredible and deserve every applaud they got …Read more

Olympic athletes inspire children

6 ways in which Athletes can inspire your school as we exit lockdown

Returning to school is vital for children’s education and for their wellbeing, while the risk to children themselves of becoming severely ill from COVID-19 is very low. In numbers, 2 deaths from COVID-19 have been recorded across England and Wales out of 10.7 million under 15s, so that’s a chance of 1 in 5.3 million; …Read more

Team GB athletes sprint into Alec Reed Academy

Team GB sprinters Luke Lennon-Ford and Rion Pierre bounced in to the Alex Reed Academy in Middlesex to help the school raise money for PE Equipment. Peter Hammer, PE Coordinator tells us “The children had a fantastic day where they were motivated by the athletes’ stories and engaged with them through fitness and lots of …Read more

Jibreel Malik taw-kwon-do Olympian

Tae Kwon Do Olympian Jibreel Malik demonstrates supreme control

Check out this video on YouTube to see Jibreel mesmerising the children as he demonstrates extraordinary precision and control working through his Tae Kwon Do routine. Jibreel was visiting Mitchell Brook Primary School as part of the Sports for Schools scheme that brings the country’s top athletes into primary schools to inspire children around the …Read more

Danny Lawrence leads fitness circuit

Danny Lawrence vaults into Abbots Green Primary School

Commonwealth Games Silver medallist Danny Lawrence visiting the wonderful Abbots Green Primary School in Suffolk. Awesome kids all putting in 100% effort in their fitness circuits encouraged by Danny who later inspired them with his story – and his trademark backwards summersault with a twist. Thank you to ever energetic Emma (PE Coordinator), and for …Read more