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Inspiring school visits

A whole school event for every child (and teacher!), led by a top international athlete, that inspires and excites everyone to be active.

  • what is it?
    Sports for Schools is a social enterprise that brings the country's top athletes into primary schools to encourage the children (and teachers!) to be more active. The athlete will run a fun fitness circuit with the children and then deliver an inspirational assembly.
  • why is it important?
    The athletes are fantastic role models who show the children the power of hard work and perseverance. The events create memories which last a lifetime and show the children the value of grit and determination.
  • how much does it cost?
    Visits do not cost the school anything. They are designed to help schools raise money to support greater physical activity and well-being for children. The events are based on a sponsorship initiative . From the grand total of the money raised, a small participation fee is deducted to cover the base cost of running the scheme. The rest of the money is split 60/40. 60% goes to the school to spend on new sports equipment or on a programme to improve physical activity and well being. 40% goes to Sports for Schools to help fund the athletes and the scheme.
  • who is it likely to be?
    All of the athletes are extraordinary role models. They have all competed at one of the four major games (Olympics/Paralympics, World or European Championships or Commonwealth Games). Sports for Schools also work with some incredible Invictus Competitors.

“The fast paced nature really engaged the children – they didn’t get a chance to become bored. Kristian was great with the children – totally on their level and they were in awe of him, especially during his demonstration.”

PE Coordinator - St Mary of the Angels - visit by Kristian Thomas 2 x Olympian and former captain of Team GB



Inspiring primary school children

Providing pupils with role models whilst raising funds to enhance physical activity at school

  • what is the event?
    Sports for Schools is a social enterprise that brings the country’s top athletes to primary schools to run energetic events that inspire kids to be more active and pursue their goals. The visit is typically for half a day with a motivational fitness circuit and an inspirational assembly.
  • why is it important?
    The athletes are fantastic role models who show the children the power of hard work, perseverance, grit and resilience.
  • where does the sponsorship money go?
    The children are being sponsored to complete a fun fitness circuit alongside the athlete. The money raised will be used by your school to support greater physical activity in school and to enable Sports for Schools to keep running and support & fund top athletes to compete and train at the highest level. Schools spend their money in a variety of ways, for example to buy new PE/sports equipment, or to ask another athlete to run some EDUCATE or MOTIVATE programmes in school –and hopefully even meet you!

“@sportsfs great experience my son had at school today thanks to you! He’s tried to do press ups the whole way home…a 15 minute walk!”

Proud Mum

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Meet the athletes

These athletes have overcome adversity, worked hard to achieve their goals, and have inspiring stories to share with your children

David Thompson

David grew up in Lisburn where he competed in a wide range of sports including hockey, golf, running, cricket and of course, swimming. David loved the mental and physical challenge that swimming brought and climbed the ranks through his swimming club to go on to compete in many competitions including the Commonwealth Games.

Kelly Simm

Kelly grew up in the South of England and is known for her powerful tumbling on the floor. Kelly has won many medals for Team GB at the Commonwealth Games, European Championships and World Championships.

Frederick Afrifa

Frederick is an International Sprinter and is a two time national gold medallist. He was London Schools Champion in 2011, World Youth Relay Champion in 2013, Surrey County Champion 2015 and National Champion 2018. His dream is to one day represent his country at the Olympics.

Nerys Pearce

Nerys was injured in a road traffic accident which left her paralysed from the chest down. She wanted to remain active following her accident and has since competed in powerlifting, swimming, athletics, rowing and wheelchair basketball at the Invictus Games winning 10 medals. Nerys came 4th in the Commonwealth Games!