How to spend your Sports for Schools voucher

Step 1: Choose what you would like to spend your voucher on.


We’ve got some great options for you to choose from, whether you want to provide specialist sports equipment to your pupils or equip your staff with the knowledge to get the whole school moving more, there’s something here for you…

Have a look at the options below to see which best suits your school. You can choose to spend all of your voucher on one option or a combination of the three.


My school needs to…


Increase physical activity and cognitive function to improve pupils’ success in school

Improve attitudes and attainment in Maths and English through physically active lessons

Purchase sports equipment to replace old or broken equipment or offer a new sport to pupils

Get Active

Get Active is a program of workshops, delivered by an Olympic/GB athlete, designed to help a whole school understand how small changes can have a big impact on academic results, pupil behaviour and mental health.

Teach Active *

Teach Active is an award-winning online resource tool, providing teachers with over 3000 lesson and homework plans with which to deliver the Primary Maths and English curriculum through physical activity. *Teach Active is only available for new customers

Equipment voucher

An exclusive range of sports equipment with everything you need to increase and support physical activity in your school.


Get Active has 3 pricing options, depending on which sessions you choose:

2hr Twilight CPD workshop with teachers and staff = £795

Twilight workshop PLUS whole day athlete visit for pupils = £1375

All the above PLUS athlete led parent workshop / attendance at a school fair or other event = £1980

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Teach Active is purchased on a subscription basis, starting at £575 for one subject for one year.

The best way to find out how Teach Active could benefit your school is by booking a 1:1 demo with the Teach Active team.

Book a 1:1 Demo


Prices range from a few pounds to £500+ and you can use your voucher as part-payment for larger orders. You’ll be sent a link to our sports equipment provider when you receive your voucher.



Can I spend my voucher on more than one of the options?

YES! You can split your voucher between the three options. Remember though, Get Active has set prices so you need to ensure you allocate the right amount to cover your chosen Get Active programme.

Have a look at this example of how St James’ School spent their voucher:

Total available to spend: £1850

Amount spent on Teach Active: £1000

Amount spent on Get Active: £575

Amount spent on sports equipment: £275


Can I spend more than my voucher total?

YES! You can use your voucher as part payment for any of the options.


Step 2. Tell us what you have chosen

As soon as you have decided how you would like to spend your voucher let the Sports for Schools team know by emailing [email protected]