Using physical activity as a catalyst to raising attitudes and attainment in Maths and English



Teach Active is an online resource which provides schools and teachers with 3500 plans and resources designed to deliver the primary Maths and English curriculum through physical activity.

The multi award winning and nationally acclaimed resource is used in schools across the UK and Internationally and is having a huge impact in raising attitudes and attainment in Maths/English, whilst also increasing levels of physical activity.


“I love the fact children are proactively channelling their natural competitiveness into Maths challenges. They are often learning so many Maths concepts without realising they’re doing Maths. It’s fabulous to see so many smiling faces and increase in achievement in the subject.” 

Steve Tindall, Headteacher – Holy Family Catholic Primary School




Why should I use Teach Active:

Written by teachers for teachers, Teach Active contributes to the government’s recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day and has been proven to improve attitudes and attainment in Maths and English, whilst also improving children’s health and wellbeing. Teach Active works in partnership with Youth Sport Trust and Loughborough University and has been recognised by Parliament for its outstanding contribution to education.


How much does Teach Active cost?

Teach Active is purchased on a subscription basis. A single subject (Maths or English) costs £575 whereas a joint Maths and English license costs £975. We understand your Sports for Schools voucher will not be one of these exact figures – so for all schools using a voucher, Teach Active will adjust your subscription to the voucher value i.e. a voucher value of £1200 would buy a 15 month full Teach Active subscription.


What’s included?

3,500 lesson plans and Resources that are mapped to the Primary Curriculum, 280 Active Homework plans, full Maths and English coverage for every objective, all subscribers receive FREE whole school staff training/CPD to launch Teach Active in their school.


“Through their innovative approach, Teach Active allows teachers and leaders to put activity as the driving force behind the learning of Maths and English. We are proud to endorse, proud to champion and we continue to be proud to work with the Teach Active team.”

Ali Oliver, CEO. Youth Sport Trust

You can find out more about Teach Active here or if you would like to discuss using your Sports for Schools voucher for a Teach Active subscription, please give your event administrator a call.