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From School Visit to Athletic Success: How Meeting Sprinter Rion Pierre Ignited a Rising Junior Athlete’s Journey

In 2014/15, 100m Sprinter Rion Pierre attended a nursery school with Sports for Schools, where he spoke to the children about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the art of practising to get better. He shared how the more he practised at running, the better he got. Rion then ran a fun fitness circuit with the pupils to show them how fun getting moving can be!

Today, the parent of a pupil who was inspired by Rion’s determination gets in touch with us to share how the Sports for Schools visit has stuck with her son, Leo, and spurred him on to become a successful junior runner himself!

On the day of the visit, Leo put his all into the exercises that he practised alongside Rion and his other classmates, and Leo made sure to keep going, even when the exercises began to feel tough. Rion noticed Leo’s hard efforts and rewarded him with his first-ever medal. Leo, now in year 6, still hangs his medal in his room with pride after many years, along with many others that have been added to his collection!

“Leo, you concentrated, listened, and followed the instructions from Rion. You kept exercising even when it became hard work and even practised your running after Rion left! Well done – keep up the good work 😊”

Even from the tender age of 3, Leo has always had a passion for running, Leo’s mum says, with the visit from Rion spiralling this passion into many successful accolades.

Over the years, Leo has channelled his inner resilience and it has certainly paid off. He has won every sports day at his school and represented his school in many competitions with win after win. Finally, in 2022, Leo was able to compete in the under 11’s. His first year came with a big success, where he came 3rd overall in a total of 5 cross country races in which he was a top 3 finisher in each. This league was the one in which Mo Farrah started!

“He then competed in the National Primary Schools Cross Country competition and came 17th! That’s 17th in the country!” Then, track season approached, and he again smashed each of his races. “He even broke the 600m long-standing record since 2015.”

Leo is now part of the same athletics club in which Rion is part of at Windsor Slough Eaton & Hounslow Athletics Club and is in his first year as an under-13. We all at Sports for Schools wish Leo a massive good luck for his upcoming first race at the Thames Valley Athletics Centre for his athletics club open graded meeting, after which he goes on to compete in the Alder Valley Match in April.

“I just wanted to thank you and Rion for inspiring my son even at such a young age. I also thought it was such a coincidence that Rion and my son Leo are actually now in the same athletics club.”

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