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“A happy swimmer is a good swimmer”, says Jo Jackson!

The whole school was led by Olympic swimmer Jo Jackson and sportivater Kevin in a fitness circuit consisting of 4 different exercises: Spotty Dogs, Leg Drives, Press Ups and Star Jumps. After breaking a sweat, everyone gathered to hear an inspirational assembly from Jo and had the chance to ask some questions. They found out that Jo’s Olympic bronze medal is her favourite medal and she would never trade it for anything in a million years!

Isobel and Sophie, from Year 6, said: “She was motivational and inspirational; we all want to do more sports after this experience.” Read more…

James Kirton works up a sweat at Hedon Primary!

The challenge was to complete his fitness circuit so that Hedon Primary could raise sponsorship for new PE equipment at their school and also to support other sporting charities.

Every year group took part and worked up a sweat! James then gave an assembly and inspired the pupils by explaining how being an Olympian didn’t come easy – it took years of dedication and hard work. James represented Great Britain in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the Mens 200m Breaststroke and has demonstrated the outcome of sticking to his motto: “Believe in your dreams!” Read more…

Peter Bakare aces Augustine!

Did you know that an ‘Ace’ is a serve which lands in the receiving team’s court without being touched by the receiving team, or one that is touched by only one member of the receiving team, and is not passed legally back over the net?

Peter Bakare didn’t just inspire the students of St Augustine’s with his volleyball skills though…he got everyone on their feet for a fun-filled fitness circuit because he is passionate about showing the younger generations that sport is not only a vital ingredient for a healthy lifestyle, it is really enjoyable too!

The whole school also participated in a special assembly where they heard all about Peter’s career and learnt about what hard work can achieve. All the children had the opportunity to ask Peter any questions they wanted to. Read more…

Meghan Beesley visits Winshill

GB Athlete Meghan Beesley specialises in the 400m hurdles. She won a silver medal in the 4x100m relay at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and is now training hard for the 2016 Olympics. Winshill Primary School were put through their paces in a fitness circuit led by the athlete and also took part in an inspirational assembly where the children had the opportunity to ask questions about Meghan’s journey as an athlete. The school have raised money for some new PE equipment and have been motivated by Meghan’s motto: “Don’t worry that your best won’t be good enough. Have a go at everything, don’t quit, try your hardest and you will have no regrets.”

Ben Rushgrove…from Beijing to Bromham

Ben Rushgrove, who has cerebral palsy, is passionate about inspiring the next generation to lead healthy active lives. He got St Nicholas School on their feet, showing them that fitness can be fun by leading them in an exciting exercise circuit. He also shared his experiences of Beijing 2008 Olympics and life as an athlete, giving the pupils the opportunity to ask questions.

PE co-ordinator Clare Kitts said: “It was a fantastic afternoon and all the children were really enthused and a bit star stuck. Ben was such a character and the talk he gave to the school was very inspirational.” Read More…

The Gazette & Herald are also talking about it!

GB Paralympic Footballer scores big in Banbury

GB paralympic footballer Alistair Patrick-Heselton dropped into William Morris Primary School in Banbury to lead a sponsored fitness circuit with its pupils. Alistair has played in the Paralympic World Championships and also scored against Argentina in the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

He is currently training hard for the next Olympic games in Rio de Janiero next year and inspired William Morris pupils by giving an inspirational assembly about his journey as an athlete, as well as giving a question and answer session.

Tracy Simms, PE co-ordinator at the school said: “This event was all about getting children to enjoy their sports. I am new at the school and want to get lots of after school clubs running and Alistair was telling the children to go for their goals. He was such a lovely person and it was fantastic for him to come to the school.”

Children at the school were asked to bring in sponsor money ahead of the event, which will be used to buy sports equipment for the school and support Team GB athletes and paralympic athletes.

Paratriathlete picks up the pace at Gipsey Bridge

Various exercises and challenges were given to Gipsey Bridge Academy when Clare Cunningham gave them a special visit. Having led a fun-filled fitness circuit for the whole school, she also gave an inspirational assembly, telling the children how she became so successful and answering their questions.

At age 12, Clare was selected to join the British Paralympic Swimming Squad and competed in the 1992 and 1996 Paralympic Games. Since retiring from swimming, she took up running to keep fit and has now become a Paratriathlete! Clare has won a medal at every World Championships since 2009!

Gipsey Bridge School said: “It was a very inspiring, motivating and energetic afternoon!” Read more…

Commonwealth gymnast lands at Leigh Beck

The whole school took part in a sponsored fitness circuit run by Danny and Sportivator Jules. Everyone took part and was shown how fun sport can be…everyone also got very hot and sweaty! Danny then led an inspirational assembly, captivating the children (and teachers!) with his extraordinary flips and rolls.

The fun and fitness enjoyed by all also managed to raise money for new sports equipment for the school, as well as supporting athletes like Danny in their training.

Leigh Beck School said: “It was a fantastic experience enjoyed by the school staff and children.” Read more…