GB Paralympic Footballer scores big in Banbury

GB paralympic footballer Alistair Patrick-Heselton dropped into William Morris Primary School in Banbury to lead a sponsored fitness circuit with its pupils. Alistair has played in the Paralympic World Championships and also scored against Argentina in the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

He is currently training hard for the next Olympic games in Rio de Janiero next year and inspired William Morris pupils by giving an inspirational assembly about his journey as an athlete, as well as giving a question and answer session.

Tracy Simms, PE co-ordinator at the school said: “This event was all about getting children to enjoy their sports. I am new at the school and want to get lots of after school clubs running and Alistair was telling the children to go for their goals. He was such a lovely person and it was fantastic for him to come to the school.”

Children at the school were asked to bring in sponsor money ahead of the event, which will be used to buy sports equipment for the school and support Team GB athletes and paralympic athletes.

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