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5 ways that athletes change children’s lives for the better

For many children, their most important role models are their parents and caregivers. However, children look up to a variety of role models to help shape how they behave.

Having a role model helps children to become the person they want to be and inspires them to make a difference. Choosing wisely means that they will be positively influenced and encouraged to be the best person possible not only through their childhood but also into their adult life.

  1. Athletes are fantastic role models

Athletes are able to show the children the power of hard work, perseverance and resilience in a very unique and influential way. Throughout an athletes career, they experience tremendous highs and heart-breaking lows and sharing these encounters with the children helps them to see that failure is inevitable but having the grit and determination to bounce back is what counts.

  1. Physical activity builds the brain

Physical activity is incredibly important to the development, self-esteem and health of primary school children. Unfortunately, 90% of children across the country aren’t getting enough exercise every week. As well as leading to an increase in childhood obesity, a lack of exercise makes it harder for kids to concentrate and can cause pupils to become less confident.

By inviting an athlete into school, the children will see first-hand just how fun and enjoyable physical activity really is. And teachers will find concentration & behaviour has improved as they return to their classrooms!

  1. Athletes are inspirational even for “non-sporty” children

It’s easy to imagine that athletes will only help to inspire and motivate the children that are already physically active and interested in sport. It’s incredible how the athlete can connect with ALL of the children. By the end of the fitness circuit every child will be smiling and trying their best, whether they are naturally sporty or not. The circuits are all about simply trying your best.

The messages that the athletes give to the children are also brilliant to any subject at school, any activity or any life decision. Here are just 3 athlete mottos:

  • “Be the best version of you” – Darren Harris, Paralympic Blind Footballer
  • “Dream big!” – Kristian Thomas, Olympic Gymnast
  • “Say yes and deliver.” – Peter Bakare, Olympic Volleyball Player
  1. Raise funds for your school

Not only does inviting an athlete into school truly inspire the children, it can also help to raise money to improve physical activity at school and create a lasting legacy. Once the children have been inspired by the athlete, they are often enthused to try new activities. Having some new sports equipment can be a great way to promote different activities at school and maintain the momentum. Sports for Schools have raised over £4.5 million pounds for PE equipment to date, and last year, 70% of schools were left with an anything from £300 to £5,000 to spend!

  1. Create a memory to last a lifetime

It’s amazing how the children will forever remember the day that an athlete came to visit school. Even now when we speak to teachers, they remember the day that Kriss Akabusi or another household athlete name came to their school and inspired them. Many of the messages that the athletes give are similar to those that are taught in schools everyday but the power of an athlete delivering it is exceptionally powerful.

“An experience the children will remember for years to come, very inspiring!

Frederick and his assistant were brilliant with the children. They loved the exercises it was so good seeing them enjoying the physical activity. Even those children who often find this difficult were participating and enjoying it. The assembly was also extremely inspiring for the children as Frederick was very clear and passionate about moving forward and continue to put effort in even when it feels as though the tide is against you. Very impressed!”

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