Archives for Month: November 2020

Thank you! You’ve been amazing.

2020 has been a testing year for many of us, and no one’s hardships outweigh anyone else’s. However, through the home workouts, takeaways, DIY, and baked goods, there has been a driving force keeping the nation going.

We’re not talking about NHS workers – though they have been incredible and deserve every applaud they got those months ago – but we’re talking about the teachers, schools, and support staff who have endured the changes we’ve all had to face in an environment making it difficult to do so.

You’ve had to bubble up with your classes.

You’ve had to cover staff sicknesses.

You’ve had to teach both those physically in front of you and those who couldn’t be.

You’ve had to take on the pressures of social distancing in a class full of children who are still learning and struggling to understand why it’s so important.

You’ve had to risk your own health to ensure our kids still have a future.

You are so much more than childcare. You are so much more than teachers, support staff, administration – you are the unsung heroes of 2020. Through your drive and commitment to continue providing an education for children across the nation, you have helped shaped their futures.

We want to say THANK YOU to all schools out there. To all teachers, support staff, and school administration – you absolutely deserve some credit. Although things may be tough right now, we want you to know how fantastic of a job you are doing. You’ve been great!

As our way of saying thank you, we want to offer you a FREE target throw pack (worth £250) when you book an athlete event with us before Christmas. ALL new Spring term bookings will receive this pack once their event has taken place as our way of saying thanks to you. You deserve it.

From all of us here at Sports for Schools, keep doing what you are doing. You’re doing great!



Feel like a frog in boiling water when it comes to work stress?!

If you like podcasts and are a busy bee most of the time, I’ve got a great suggestion for you! You are Not a Frog with Dr Rachel Morris is a podcast catered towards high-stress workers who often feel like a frog in boiling water. It covers a variety of content that everyone can recognise and use to improve the way you work and live your life and is brought to you by Dr Rachel Morris. Rachel is a GP, executive coach and specialist in resilience at work. She works with doctors and other organisations all over the country to help professionals beat stress and take back control of their work.

If you’re interested in the link between physical activity and cognitive performance or how to find the most valuable exercise routines (backed by science), then Rachel’s 57th podcast is the perfect pick for you.

In episode 57 I joined Rachel as her guest to discuss how staying active improves brain function in all aspects of life. The impact of covid restrictions has undoubtedly affected this but it was a growing issue in children for many years prior. Which is why it’s so vital to bring excitement and joy back into school life and exercise.

Here are just a few points we covered:

  • Ways to help children enjoy exercise, rather than seeing it as a chore
  • Active exercise and its effect on productivity
  • Exercise and creativity
  • Why we’ve lost the ability to see the importance of physical activity
  • Advice for people who work long hours

Rachel was a GP for almost two decades and is always “on it” with the facts. I’m expecting this episode to be particularly relevant for teachers, parents and anyone with a busy schedule. It talks  to everyone who cares about the development of young people and the challenges we are all facing in our constantly changing society.

You can check this podcast out on Rachel’s website or on any podcast streaming platform such as Spotify, Anchor FM, Google podcasts, pocket cast and many more.


Michael Ledzion, Chief Sportivater