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Thank you! You’ve been amazing.

2020 has been a testing year for many of us, and no one’s hardships outweigh anyone else’s. However, through the home workouts, takeaways, DIY, and baked goods, there has been a driving force keeping the nation going. We’re not talking about NHS workers – though they have been incredible and deserve every applaud they got …Read more

Is sports premium money having a positive effect?

Physical activity is incredibly important to the development, self-esteem and health of primary school children. Unfortunately, the vast majority of kids across the country aren’t getting enough exercise every week. As well as leading to an increase in childhood obesity, a lack of exercise can make it harder for kids to concentrate in the classroom …Read more

Lesson plan ideas for teachers

7 P.E. lesson ideas for teachers

Over the past few years, kids across the country have slowly become less and less active. According to a recent report from the World Health Organisation, a staggering 85% of UK children don’t get enough exercise. This makes it more important than ever before for schools to encourage their pupils to get out and get …Read more

20 ways to get children more active at school

Getting children excited and enthusiastic about exercise is essential, in order to set them up properly for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as they grow up. It isn’t just about getting children to run around and get rid of their excess energy. Exercise needs to be made fun and enjoyable. Education is also very important. Children …Read more

Exercise makes you concetrate

Exercise makes you concentrate!

Not only does exercise improve the health of our brain, it can also help us to concentrate. Kids who exercise every day generally find it easier to concentrate in the classroom, something that can help them to boost their academic performance even further. As well as helping to improve our attention spans, exercise can help …Read more

Exercise improves memory

Exercise improves your memory!

A number of studies have shown that the parts of the brain responsible for thinking and memory (the prefrontal coortex and medial temporal cortex) are larger in people who exercise compared to those who don’t. This means that people who exercise on a regular basis are boosting their brainpower, improving their memory and making it easier for their brains to …Read more

Exercise makes brain cells grow!

I’ve been reading some amazing research that is telling us that, as well as being good for our bodies, exercise is fantastic for our minds? Research has shown that exercise can boost our memories and improve our academic performance, making regular exercise incredibly important for school children who want to achieve their full potential. One of the …Read more

PE; Physical Education or Public Embarrassment?

I was stunned by a mum of three children from South Africa who had been living in Melbourne, Australia for the past 10 years, when she asked me the following question; Are PE teachers in the UK really as bad as the reputation they have to the rest of the world? Perhaps I’m oblivious to …Read more

We don’t have a literacy problem

A head teacher I spoke to recently was unable to take time out to develop his PE curriculum beyond the minimum requirements. To describe this fellow as a sports enthusiast would be an understatement. Yet he struggled. The reason? Numeracy and literacy. What’s the link, you may ask. There is one, it’s strong, researched, and …Read more