Exercise improves memory

Exercise improves your memory!

A number of studies have shown that the parts of the brain responsible for thinking and memory (the prefrontal coortex and medial temporal cortex) are larger in people who exercise compared to those who don’t.

This means that people who exercise on a regular basis are boosting their brainpower, improving their memory and making it easier for their brains to function.

As the parts of the brain responsible for thinking and memory continue to grow throughout our school years, pupils have the opportunity to boost their brain power for good through exercise. What’s more, research has also shown that the more we exercise, the more our brains will respond to these beneficial hormones. It’s cumulative and the benefits compound themselves.

So here’s a “did you know?” fact: Mice that ran 3 miles each night doubled their hippocampus size over time (A part of the brain associated with learning and memory)


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