Rion Pierre shares wisdom with the Lads and Dads

The boys of Priory Prep School gathered with their fathers for the annual Lads and Dads dinner at Cuddington Golf Club.

Each year, the event consists of fantastic food, a raffle and an exceptionally good speaker. This year the lads and their dads were fortunate enough to be joined by Sports for School’s Rion Pierre. Rion has had a truly fascinating life, full of ups and downs. He showed exceptional sporting promise from a young age and signed to Chelsea FC’s youth team. However, at the tender age of 14, Rion was stabbed in London and, after initially struggling to regain fitness, was released from Chelsea.

Rion’s undying determination then shone through and, through his persistent efforts, it was noticed that he was a very gifted sprinter. Within a couple of months of joining an athletics club, he had become the Under-17 100m record holder for Middlesex and also became an English School’s Gold Medallist. His success didn’t stop there…Read more

“Rion’s main message to the Priory Prep boys was about taking the time to enjoy things and he reminded them that challenges, and overcoming them, is what makes us who we are.”

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