Inspire your school community

Getting involved in physical activity benefits young people in a number of ways. During this very uncertain and surreal time, why not give the children an exciting and memorable experience?

  • How does it work?
    The athlete will deliver an event for the whole school remotely. Teachers can login virtually with their bubbles to do a fun fitness circuit alongside the athlete, being inspired and encouraged along the way. The athlete will give a talk and run a Q&A session in which every child can participate.
  • Inspire & reconnect with children
    From improving concentration and behaviour to helping children achieve their potential, regular exercise helps kids achieve more. Sports for Schools works with primary school pupils across the country to get kids excited about sport. We want to continue to inspire children during this strange and uncertain time.
  • Inspirational role models
    The athletes come from a huge range of backgrounds with swimmers, cyclists, sprinters, gymnasts and Paralympians all part of our team. They all have incredible stories to tell that always resonate with the staff and children alike.
  • How much does it cost?
    £299 + VAT

“With everything going on at the moment and the anxiety the children are feeling at the moment, this was such a great thing for the children to experience, there was a real buzz after the event. 

Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to do another event like that again. It was engaging, educational, interesting and for the pupils to have Olympians training them will truly inspire them.” 

Pentland Primary School

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Why Sports for Schools?

1 in 3 schools have already received a visit that created memories to last a lifetime

  • We've got loads of experience
    Over the past 14 years, we’ve worked with over 6,400 schools, raised more than £4.2 million for schools and inspired an incredible two million kids to get out and get active.
  • Our feedback is outstanding
    A whopping 98% of the schools we work with rate our visits as ‘Excellent’(89%) or ‘Good (11%)’, showing just how inspirational our message is.

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