Working with Sports for Schools

What we do

Sports for Schools is a social enterprise that organise visits to primary schools from the country’s top athletes, with a mission to encourage and inspire all children (and teachers!) to be more active and lead a healthy life.

Our events usually consist of a half-day or full-day visit to a school where the athlete (accompanied by a ‘sportivater’) runs a fun fitness circuit with the aim to get all children moving – and realise it can be really fun! The fitness circuits are then followed by an inspirational assembly with the whole school where the athlete shares their sporting story including the challenges they have had to face, obstacles they have overcome and the resilience and determination they have had to show to reach their goals and aspirations. Regardless of the visiting athlete and their personal story, each visit will leave important long-lasting messages with the whole school, and provide an experience that will last a lifetime.

“I love the chance to inspire and introduce kids to judo. It’s such a great sport which can offer something to everyone. Seeing kids enjoying being active is really important. Sport has given me so much and I want others to have that same opportunity. I always leave the talks with a warm feeling and a sense that we’ve given the children a positive experience that they will hopefully remember forever.”

Natalie Powell, Olympic Judoka 

Watch this video to find out more about how our events work:

Who we work with?

We work with both retired and competing athletes from most disciplines that have taken part in major competitions like the Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, Invictus Games, World Championships, etc.

Why do athletes work with Sports for Schools?

Working with Sports for Schools helps athletes that have finished competing as well as those still in training. Our events help build skills in public speaking, motivation and working with children and perhaps most importantly, build confidence. Many of our athletes have gone on to build successful careers as motivational speakers, coaches or entrepreneurs.

Watch this video to see why Paralympic swimmer and triathlete, David Hill, loves working with us:

“I’ve been working with Sports for Schools for 10 years and I love their ethos to connect with all schools regardless of their socio-economic postcode, often leading to placing an injection of aspiration where it’s most needed. It’s rewarding and varied to be able to share my story and encourage others to find something they’re passionate about and work hard; simple messages that make kids’ eyes shine and motivated to chase their dreams.”

David Hill, Paralympic Triathlete


We provide athletes with full training for working in schools, plus additional training and development sessions in skills that they can apply to both their current work with Sports for Schools and additional/future work.


Athletes are paid to run Sports for Schools events. There’s a rate for a half-day and a full-day visit, plus travel.

You provide us with your availability via an online portal, which can be updated at any time to fit around any other commitments such as training. The more availability you can provide us with, the more schools you’ll be able to visit, and the more children you’ll be able to inspire!

Many who work for Sports for Schools work other jobs around our events and some use Sports for Schools events as a springboard into other, speaking-related, work.

“Sports for Schools was my first introduction to speaking in schools. Having the team working behind the scenes reaching out to schools and organising the events is brilliant and allows me to focus on my training and other commitments, as well as giving increased opportunities for work in and around my schedule. It has also been a great springboard for me to gain experience to then go on to branch out into other public speaking events.”

Kelly Simm, Commonwealth Gymnast 

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