Covid Safe Events

Covid-19 – How we’re keeping your event safe (and fun!) 


Bubbles or no bubbles? Collapsed classes? Virtual assemblies? Whatever Covid measures your school has in place, we can ensure your event runs successfully and safely. 


No bubbles?  

If your school no longer has bubbles and allows classes to mix, please let us know when we speak to you on the day of your video assembly (we’ll call you) or drop us an email. 


Still in bubbles?  

We’ve made some changes to the events to accommodate class bubbles. These aim to ensure our events are safe but still as enjoyable for everyone involved and have been working very well since bubbles were introduced in September 2020.  

The main changes we’ve made are:  

  • The Athlete and Sportivater will self-certify on arrival  
  • No equipment will be needed for the fitness circuit 
  • If possible, the fitness circuit should take place outside, the Athlete and Sportivater will prepare three zones for pupils to move between in their circuits (for those waiting, those doing the circuits, and those who have just finished). If it’s in the hall, then it will be one bubble at a time.  
  • Whether inside or outside, it would be very helpful if you could make a loudspeaker or PA system available if you have one.  
  • The Athlete can either provide, 1 x 30-minute assembly, 2 or 3 x 20-minute assembly or shorter classroom/bubble visits depending on the size and layout of the school. We’ve also found that Zoom/Teams assemblies to the whole school (in their classrooms) also work well with pre-prepared questions.  
  • Online sponsorship platform – if you’d rather not collect cash/paper sponsorship forms, this can all be done online.


We can’t wait!  

We can’t wait to come and inspire the children and we know that we can still make your visit memorable and enjoyable for everyone J 


If you have any other questions about the event or any other measures you need us to comply with, please do get in touch.