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Kola kick starts the action at Anthony Roper’s

Every child in school took part in a fantastic and inspiring fitness challenge led by British and International Triple Jumper Kola Adedoyin.  Children performed four different activities which represented a small subset of the actual training exercises that such elite athletes would do in order to keep fit.  Kola and Sportivator Julian worked with the children to complete …Read more

Midfield make healthy choices with Rion

Rion Pierre is a GB 100m sprinter who has represented Great Britain and England in Commonwealth Games and a variety of top class sprinting events. He attended Midfield Primary School, alongside Sportivator Jules, to oversee the whole school being put through their paces with an Olympic style circuit of activities! He then took time to answer questions from …Read more

Ready, Set, Rion!

Rion Pierre, who has represented Great Britain at the European Championships, has inspired pupils at The Folkestone Primary Academy with a special visit. Rion, who has competed in a range of track events, led youngsters around a circuit and encouraged them to exercise more by showing them how to do star jumps, squats, push-ups and ski …Read more

Kola lands firm footed in Wyvil

Wyvil School had a very special visit from track and field athlete Kola Adedoyin who competes in the Triple Jump for our ‘Sports for Schools’ event. The whole school participated in an athlete led fitness circuit followed by an exciting assembly where Kola shared his experiences as an athlete. The sponsored event raised money for new PE …Read more

Rion brings Brookfield to life!

Brookfield Infant School were delighted when International Athlete Rion Pierre turned up at their school for a fun-filled fitness event. The whole school were up on their feet, being led by Rion in various Olympic style circuit exercises and cheering each other on. After getting very hot, everyone was ready for a rest and the …Read more

Lawrence lands in Loddon

Team England captain Danny Lawrence, who won a silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, has made over 40 British international appearances and competed at three European and three world championships. He visited Loddon School to work with pupils on some fitness exercises, before rounding off the day with a display of his impressive gymnastic skills. A …Read more

Roebuck stirs up ripples at Rowley

Olympic Swimmer Joe Roebuck made a special visit to Rowley Hall Primary School for a ‘brilliant and inspiring day for the children’. To begin, all the children took part in an exhausting fitness circuit, with Joe Roebuck demonstrating how to perform the exercises. The hall was buzzing with cheering and music, to encourage everyone to …Read more

‘Failure isn’t final’! Luke Lennon Ford leads the way for the next generation

St Peter & St Paul CofE Primary School received a special visit from GB athletes Luke Lennon Ford and Rion Pierre. They loved the fitness circuit and were grateful for the time to catch their breath while they listened to 400m runner Luke give an assembly about his journey as an athlete. The memories of …Read more

3-times Olympian jumps into Viewley Hill Primary School

The long jump champion moved around the hall as every pupil in the school completed a sponsored fitness circuit to raise money for their PE Equipment. Chris Kirk, Sportivater on the day (and also a GB international long jumper himself) put the school through their paces as even teachers joined in the fun. To crown …Read more

Against Doctor’s Orders! Lee Whilteley sprints into Salford School

Jo Thomas, Deputy Headteacher, was delighted to watch every pupil at the school enjoy working through their fitness circuits supported by paralympian Lee Whiteley. “A genuinely lovely guy” who was “inspirational”, she tells us. Not one that Lee will forget, as the whole school evacuated for a fire alarm (toast burning!). The children were treated to an inspiring …Read more