Sean Rose

Paralympic Skier and Adventurer

  • About Sean
    Born in Middlesborough, Sean now lives in Cambridgeshire. A world class sportsman and adventurer, Sean is a double winter Paralympian as well as a skiing and water skiing champion. A freak ski accident in 2000 broke his back and left him paralysed from the waist down. In 2013 Sean retired from competitive skiing as Britain’s most successful alpine ski racer ever and is now a hugely inspirational motivational speaker.
  • Sean's top tip for life
    "Life doesn't have to end when you're in a wheelchair or have other conditions or issues. It ends if you give up!"
  • What next?
    Show this video to the children at least 2 weeks before your visit to introduce the event.

“Sean was perfect – he really understood the audience and had great story to tell”