Katrina Hart

Paralympic Sprinter

  • About Katrina
    Katrina is a GB para-athlete who was born with cerebral palsy. She says her PE teacher was the person who encouraged her to really pursue her sporting ambitions and she was already competing by age 14. Despite injuring her hamstring during the 2008 Beijing Games, she won gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and another gold (as well as a bronze!) at the World Championships in New Zealand. A bronze medal was also won at the London 2012 Games in the 4x100m Relay!
  • Katrina's top tip for life
    "Never let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams."
  • Katrina's motto
    "Anything important to you will require hard work."
  • What next?
    Show this video to the children at least 2 weeks before your visit to introduce the event.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the physical side but were certainly motivated by the assembly and the activities that Katrina demonstrated.”