Jenny Wallwork

GB Badminton Player

  • About Jenny
    GB Badminton player Jenny was virtually born into the sport! Her mum played for England and her dad was an international badminton coach for 15 years. Jenny travelled the globe playing badminton and became number 5 in the world. Her most recent achievement was winning silver in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in the mixed doubles.
  • Jenny's motto
    "Your attitude is your altitude, it determines how high you fly."
  • Did you know?
    Jenny was on Blue Peter when she was 13 years old. While playing Badminton, she hit the presenter in the face with her racket and made her cry!
  • What next?
    Show this video to the children at least 2 weeks before your visit to introduce the event.

“The event was well organised and Jenny had a fantastic manner with the children. She gave our school some great feedback and Jenny shared some great ideas about how to develop the children’s concentration and focus.”