David Hill

Paralympic Triathlete

  • About David
    Paralympic swimmer and triathlete David Hill grew up by the sea where he learnt to swim at a young age. Despite being born with no left forearm, David was earning swimming badges by the age of 3! His talent was nurtured until David qualified for the 2004 Paralympic Games. He was world silver medalist in swimming in 2006 and took bronze medals in 2009 in both European and World competitions. In 2012 David took up the triathlon, and has already gained 4th place at the World championships in 2013.
  • David's motto
    "There's no such word as can't"
  • Did you know?
    David would most like to meet Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean!)
  • What next?
    Show this video to the children at least 2 weeks before your visit to introduce the event.

“The event was absolutely amazing. The children were captivated by David and I thought the assembly which he gave at the end was very inspiring for all the children; they asked some great questions with a brilliant response from David.”