Grant Turner makes a Splash at Comberton Primary

The pupils at Comberton Primary were extremely excited to have Grant Turner, a GB swimming Olympic athlete visit their school. All the children got sponsored to take part in a fitness circuit with Grant to complete four exercises: spotty dogs, mountain climber, press ups and star jumps. They all worked really hard and really enjoyed themselves. Connor Pook said, “It was energising,” while Leah Ballard said, “It was challenging, but great fun!”

After all the children took part, Grant delivered an assembly to the children where he talked about his career and how he came to be an elite athlete. The children asked some thoughtful questions and discovered a lot about his lifestyle. He also spoke about how important it is to put 110% effort into everything we do so we achieve our dreams. Archie Middleton said that the talk was “inspirational”.

The money raised from the sponsored circuit will be split between the school and the charity Sports for Schools who help up and coming athlete’s achieve their dreams. Comberton Primary will be spending their money on new sports equipment and also donating the rest to the Teenage Cancer Trust who are currently supporting an ex pupil of Comberton Primary. Read more…

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