Research over the past 10+ years has shown the importance of physical activity in developing the brain, and as a result the strong link between physical fitness and academic results.



What is Get Active?

Get Active is a program of 2 or 3 workshops, delivered by an Olympic/GB athlete, designed to help a whole school understand how small changes can have a big impact on academic results, pupil behaviour and mental health.

The sessions include an inspirational assembly for the whole school, a twilight session for all school staff and a session to include pupils, parents and staff. Everyone will come away knowing what needs to change from school culture to timetabling and after school opportunities, and ideas on how to implement these changes.



What will Get Active do for my school?



The Get Active sessions will help everyone, from parents to staff, understand how to make changes that will have a huge impact on the academic performance, fitness, and well-being of the pupils at your school. The whole school will be inspired and armed with knowledge on how and why fitter kids do better at school.

“The whole staff thought that it was incredibly
interesting and thought the delivery was fantastic.
Every teacher has already made changes so it has
had an immediate impact already”
Beech Street Community Primary School


“Children are less fidgety and more settled in
class as a result of the Get Active Programme.”
Burnsville Primary School

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